Kate + Jon :: Boulder Theater Wedding

couple in front of building during boulder theater wedding in boulder, colorado boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-77 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-78 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-79 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-80 bride portraits on balcony of hotel boulderado boulder, colorado boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-82 groomsmen backstage during boulder theater wedding in boulder, colorado boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-84 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-85 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-86 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-87 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-88 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-89 exchanging vows during boulder theater wedding in boulder, colorado boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-91 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-92 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-93 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-94 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-95 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-96 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-97 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-98 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-99 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-100 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-101 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-102 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-103 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-104 boulder-theater-wedding-boulder-colorado-tomKphoto-105

Kate & Jon | Boulder Theater Wedding & Reception | Boulder, Colorado

Opened by a wealthy billboard sign owner in 1906, The Boulder Theater was originally an opera house until movies became America’s favorite entertainment in the mid-1920’s. In 1936, the theater was renovated and the deco theme incorporated still stands today. In the 1980’s movie viewing migrated from the large grand theaters to mall multiplexes and the Boulder Theater was once again renovated into to concert venue as it stand today.

So that’s the history — who cares? Kate & Jon do. They love old hi-fi’s, typewriters, movies, music and dreamed of a fun party that would be two parts retro mixed with one part bawdy. A wedding meal of cheeseburgers, fries and a root beer float. Big, loud, stereophonic horns.

After some girl time getting ready at the Hotel Boulderado the women met the men just in time for processional in the grand old theater. In an interactive ceremony, the rings were passed around with a ribbon so each guest could bless them. The fire for the couple’s unity candle was passed from candle to candle by all the members of the wedding party. Then the vows. I recall proclamations about protecting each other from Communism (kidding) and something about the man always being the master and wife stay home and make dinner (still kidding) and how vacations would always take place in a wood-trimmed station wagon (that part the couple actually plans to do).

During the band breaks and the iPod music roared in, upon watching the dancing I determined this was not an authentic hipster crowd. Hipster dancing, if done right, does not use so much of the hips as it does the upper body and arms. Lots of swinging your head back and forth. In our house, we call this the ‘Dad dance’ for a reason I’m not sure of. Nope — this crowd had the moves. Call ’em half-hipsters. 

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