Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort Wedding

A cool September day in the mountains that ended with the perfect alpine glow …

wedding reception sunset at beaver meadows red feather lakes colorado

But let’s rewind the clock and start at the beginning. The quiet, before the storm of emotion that … kept … building.

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Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort Wedding

With a guest list arriving from all over the country, Julie & Scott rented half the rental homes in valley around Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort to lodge all the “flatlanders.”

The Wilders

Americana / Bluegrass band The Wilders came in from Kansas City just for the wedding. The couple saw them at an outdoor festival the Summer before and KNEW they’d be perfect for their funky un-pretentious gathering deep in the Colorado Mountains. The Wilders are old-time bluegrass, like a band that’d fit on the soundtrack to O’ Brother Where Art Thou, but it’s their humor and energy that really endear you to them. They did their ‘wedding gig’ up right, playing during ceremony gathering, processional, and starting a recessional parade just like a New Orleans second line.

After the laugh-filled marriage ceremony, cocktails, toasts, and dinner, an odd black wig started to make the rounds. As the photographer, you’re trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Soon, a second black wig appeared and EVERYONE was trying them on. Young and old. Even the band wore them for a time. WTH? The wigs were a tribute to college friend who couldn’t attend. He started this odd tradition of wearing wigs to parties. So in his absence, a guest brought out two black wigs. As if to say (in the photos that were destined for the internet), “we’re miss you and wish you were here.”

Beaver Meadows Ranch

All this warm fun was framed by the perfect backdrop. Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort is over 400 acres of rambling acreage in the Roosevelt National Forest and oozes of classic Colorado. Helpful and happy staff ready to accommodate special requests and laugh along with you. It’s always a treat to visit there.

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