Aubrey + Sergio :: Backyard Wedding Estes Park

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Aubrey & Sergio | Backyard Wedding Estes Park Colorado

They danced late into the night. Right there on the front porch — the same front porch where just hours before they exchanged vows. The same front porch where grandma had played with granddaughter growing up, describing her wedding day that would be way off in the future. All around was the extended family compound, a cherished tranquil escape from the stress of young adulthood. A great Uncle’s vintage Rolls-Royce made for great joyriding around the little mountain town, just like when she was a little girl. Windows down, custard ice cream with a Summer breeze. She wanted her partner to experience it all first hand, so he would know where she came from. The land is now linked to their future. He would understand on day, someday, a thousand miles away when she would smile, hold his hand and say, “let’s go home.”

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