Asuza + Jesus :: Japanese Mexican Wedding at Tapestry House


No Earthquake (or Tsunami) Could Break Them Apart

While studying abroad at The University Of Tokyo, Jesus met the daugher of resident English professor. After a year of practicing Spanish and Japanese together, something big was brewing between the two. Nature would throw an obsticle to romance, and in the Spring of 2011 Jesus (and all other foreign students) were asked to return home in the chaotic aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami.

Enter, the internet — specifically Skype. Videophone technology linked the two together and the world became smaller again. A Valentine’s Day proposal (in person) brought us to this Super Fun Happy Wedding Day at Tapestry House. Why Tapestry House? When Asuza first saw of a photo of the venue, she immediately had a strong gut level connection to her favorite TV show as a kid, (Japanese translated) Full House. So Tapestry House subs for the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square.

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Asuza + Jesus | Japanese Mexican Wedding at Tapestry House

A Mariachi band greeted guests to Tapestry House on this day. Along the brick path were multi-language greetings and flags from the couple’s travels. Kent Robertson officiated the couple’s blended ceremony. The reception decor was punctuated by oragami made by Asuza’s bridesmaids — most of whom she met in University time in Hawaii.

Cultural blending is taken to new heights at this reception. Jesus’ Aunt made Mexican food for everyone, then a series of performances began. The bridesmaids sang tribute to Asusa’s loyality and friendship, the groomsmen worked up number illustrating how ‘ape’ Jesus is for Asuza, and finally Eclipse Total de Durango got everyone dancing out into the Tapestry House courtyard.

Good luck as you start your next adventures in Japan. I’m proud to be a (very small) part of your wedding story. And what a fun engagement session, too …
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