Annie + Robert | Summer Tapestry House Wedding

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Annie & Robert | Summer Tapestry House Wedding

Robert’s a bit of shopper — a brand guy. He likes the best champagne, the best cigars. Annie likes that drive, that ambition, and that taste for the finer things. And what women wouldn’t be proud to be on the arm of a Dom Perignon and Montecristo kind of groom?

He’s not all James Bond though. At toasting time though, Annie’s Dad remarked that all he wanted was a smart son-in-law because his wish for old age was to be charmed by the intelligence of his grandchildren (his toast, not mine). We then hear the story of a camping trip gone arye when Robert decided to heat baked bean, on the fire, in a sealed can. Only one thing happens to sealed beans heated on a fire … they explode!

I shared this fun day with my son Cole (handling lighting and logistics) and awesome DJ Paul Wozniak who knew just the tempo to keep the reception going.