Angie + Nick :: Big Red Barn Wedding

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Angie & Nick | Big Red Barn Wedding | Highland Meadows Golf Course Windsor, Colorado

Angie and Nick are neighbors, so it was a rare treat to WALK to the getting reading coverage down the street from our house. All of Angie’s family and friends from Casper were in to celebrate with her and all the rooms of the house had activity and music playing. The two dogs watched over all the prep and added levity to the tense moments.

We met the rest of the crew over at Highland Meadows for some quick group shots before the sun-drenched ceremony with perfect Autumn temperatures. The couple opted to marry next to barn facing West, which made for some tricky processional shooting pointing into the hard Colorado sun. I do love the images with the backlighting is just so — nice warm silhouettes. Unitity rituals have gotten so creative over the years, and Angie dreamed up a nice one. After exchanging of vows, her and Nick painted their initials on an aspen tree scene she created over the Summer. I guarentee even the quickest glance to the painting years from now will spark the memory of that exact moment when the black paint hit the canvas. And, for a finish, who doesn’t love bubbles for a recessional? This is a Big Red Barn Wedding we won’t soon forget.

Matt Martindale and his amazing sound machine kept the tempo at a fevered pitch during the reception. I got a particular joy out of watching Angie’s uncles do their old white guy dancing for some jam band music. Middle aged men rock, lol. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see Nick is throwing is the throwing the garter to the married women — and Angie is throwing the bride’s bouquet to the married men. Nice touch, Matt. Different is good.

Josh Ratzlaff  1977 ~ 2013

As the months pass, viewing these ceremony photos is bittersweet as this is the last wedding we worked with our friend, officiant Josh Ratzlaff. Josh was the charming, calming and capable glue that held together every wedding he oversaw. We will miss him dearly.

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