Amy + Garrett :: Pelican Lakes Wedding

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Amy + Garrett | Pelican Lakes Wedding | Windsor, Colorado

OK, a little backstory on the photo panel just above. During the months of wedding planning, Garrett commented several times that he didn’t care for overdone groomsmen boutonnieres. At some point, Amy decided this was a perfect anchor for a practical joke. Look at the monster Garrett’s mom (with a Hollywood straight face) is pinning on him! Everyone around him is laughing (look at Dad taking his photo) yet Garrett is putting on his best face as his worst wedding nightmare is coming true. During the pinning he did comment, “wow, I’m going to need a Camelback to keep this thing watered all day!” Sorry for any camera shake, as I was laughing hard at that point. Gag revealed, and a very relieved groom was happy to get his (for real) flower …

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Another great Pelican Lakes Wedding¬†which concluded with a magical 15 minutes crafted by MC Johnny Cruz. Gigham Style into boys vs. girls dance off into garter toss into bouquet toss that was one seamless fever-pitched sequence. So fun to see a master at work (and a crowd that ‘gets it’).

  • Amy & Garrett - June 17 - 1:13 pm


    Simply amazing! Can’t wait to get our disc copy! You did such a great job. We can’t thank you enough! Now we can keep these memories forever. Thank you!

    Garrett and Amy

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